Act in time

  At Obercles, we believe that the task of identifying legal problems does not correspond to our customers. It has little sense to think that an entrepreneur or an ordinary person can detect all the legal implications that his/her daily or punctual activity entails; and, even less, to think that he/she is competent to do it with the level of safety and guarantees required

  That is why we advocate a business relationship to provide active legal advice, where legal professionals are those who identify problems and do not remain awaiting for legal consultancy.

  Identification and assessment of legal risks is not easy. The skill in the detection of these risks allow us to anticipate and know what actions have to be undertaken, but overall, to do it in time. This way, start-up legal risks associated with any particular business, project or action have no chance of becoming legal problems in the future.

  Legal risks management is, therefore, the tool through which organizations can eliminate the threats of the law.