Why would I need a legal risk management system when my Advisor tells me what I have to do and I have not had any problems with the authority?

Advising is to assist the company to comply with the formalities and usual relationships with the authority. But the company must comply with the law and ensure a minimum of justice in its operations

Can I comply with the legality of my company by filling out some type of documents, or paying for studies or mandatory reports?

NO. In addition, to comply with the legality of your company you will have to build internal arguments and rules to justify your acts

Why do I need a legal risk management system if I find solutions and many resources such as documents, etc. with the internet in forums and other websites?

The information that is on the internet helps us to inform us of many things but never assures us that it is correct or that this information contains the solution we need

Why do I need a legal risk management system and I can not just ask for legal reports or the resolution of an occasional problem when I need it?

You can, but it will serve you little. They have a high and unpredictable cost. They have a complex and difficult resolution. They act only at critical moments which increases the probability of failure

How can I know the value of what they tell me? How can I be sure that it is true and effective?

In Orbecles we certify acts, contracts, statutes, protocols, and everything we do, which allows us to grant the validity, effectiveness, and guarantees of certified documents by authorized professionals

Why do I need external people if nobody really knows my company better than me?

Nobody knows the company better than the entrepreneur, but legal risk management mission is to help the operations of the company from within and legalize the decisions of the entrepreneur

Legality is an obstacle to good ideas that can make me earn money and grow my business, why would I want a legal risk management system?

The legal risk management systems are to formalize and legalize the decisions of the entrepreneur. They do not put any obstacle to his will and always look for the solution that most benefits him

Why can not I run my company intuitively, without having to legalize the decisions I make?

Because it is necessary to specify, make decisions more measurable and communicable. The decisions that are made must be visible and justifiable

The legal risk management systems seem complicated and I do not have time to attend to it?

You will need to devote little time to training. The time invested will also help you discover new aspects of your company. We take care of the rest

How will I use a legal risk management system if I do not understand legal language because of its complexity and technicality?

The legal risk management systems contain a part dedicated to be used before legal professionals or third parties and another dedicated to the members of the company for its understanding and daily application


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Anticipar y Prevenir

Toda gestión trata de organizar del mejor modo posible los recursos de la empresa con el fin de conseguir sus objetivos. Asegurarse de cumplir con la legalidad es uno de los objetivos más importantes de toda gestión.

La prevención y la anticipación son dos facetas importantes sea lo que sea que hagamos. No es cierto afirmar que actuamos sin pensar, menos aún que actuar sin pensar es lo correcto. Tampoco tiene sentido prevenir si  actuar.



Gestionar el Riesgo Legal

En el mundo empresarial existe un alto riesgo jurídico: Una falta de gestión legal supone un desconocimiento de la ley y por tanto un alto riesgo de resultar condenado por las administraciones y los tribunales. Gestionar la legalidad es evitar las condenas.


Materializar los Proyectos

Todo proyecto tiene una dimensión de riesgo.  Abandonar un proyecto por el hecho de que existan riesgos no es razonable. Tener en consideración el riesgo es el mejor modo de aprovechar las oportunidades.

Por ello, la posibilidad de contar con un diagnóstico legal que nos indique en cada momento la situación jurídica en la que nos encontramos permitirá fijar el punto de referencia a partir de cual se puedan elaborar planes legales de actuación para disminuir los riesgos existentes y prever los derivados de actuaciones futuras. De este modo, el Derecho, más que un enemigo, se convierte en un aliado que nos ayuda a consolidar las oportunidades y asegurar parte de nuestro éxito.